Thursday, March 1, 2012

Republicans Who Support Gay Marriage Targeted By Their Own Party

Senator Roy J. McDonald was quoted as saying "they can take this job and shove it" while discussing the political consequences of supporting gay marriage. The Republican Committee in his own hometown of Wilton endorsed his opponent in his re-election campaign. Elaine Gerber, chairwoman of the committee, stated that his remark certainly had an influence on their vote.

A remark of that nature may or may not warrant withdrawing support. However, Senator McDonald is the second of the four Republicans who support gay marriage to have faced political difficulties. Senator Mark Grisanti of Buffalo lost support of the Eerie County Republican Party, who were critical to his election. New York's Conservative Party stated that it would oppose all four of the senators for re-election.

On the other side, Mayor Micheal Bloomberg pledged financial support of the Senators' campaigns and Senator McDonald announced the endorsement of the Stillwater Republican committee. Senator McDonald stated he would continue to focus on lowering taxes and creating jobs. Scott Kingsley of the Wilton Republican Committee agrees. "We cannot be branded by that single issue. If we're constantly making decisions based on that one issue, we're going to have a hard time putting together a coalition to govern." McDonald's opponent is Steven McLaughlin who is running because he feels the incumbent hasn't represented conservative view on issues such as abortion, taxation, or marriage.

A move back to the middle would likely benefit the Republican Party. The GOP is currently too crowded with evangelicals who want to expand the government to control the medical procedures and family structures of Americans. A return to focus on job creation, lower taxes and smaller government be very attractive to voters in this economic climate.

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