Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Washington Governor Apologizes for Not Supporting Gay Marriage Sooner

Gov. Chris Gregoire of Washington discusses her struggle with the gay marriage issue in a recent interview. Gregoire says her Catholic faith caused her to be conflicted on the issue. "I apologize that it took me so long. I feel better about my head and my heart than I have in seven years. But it took me time. I regret that it took me that much time, but it just did."

During her term as State Attorney General, Gregoire supported the same-sex marriage ban. Her first experience with doubting that stance came when she was working on anti-bullying. She discovered that bullying that was centered on sexual orientation was more likely to end in school violence or suicide. While working on hate crime issues, she found that most hate crimes were sexual-orientation-related.

As Governor, she saw the passing of an anti-discrimination bill, then a domestic partnership bill. Listening to members of PFLAG and thoughtful, open discussions with her daughter further convinced her. Now she says that she feels better in her heart and her head than she has in years. Welcome to the club, Governor Gregoire!

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